Our Research

Our lab focuses on developing devices to interface with the brain using electrical recordings from the brain surface (electrocorticography; ECoG). We are particularly interested in developing applications that can directly impact patients.

Brain Computer Interfaces

One application of our ECoG research is in developing Brain Computer Interface (BCI) devices. Our lab is particularly interested in developing BCI devices for people with aphasia to assist with communication. We are currently developing machine learning models that will be able to decode the electrical signals from the brain surface and create synthesized speech.

Intraoperative Language Monitoring

A second topic we are studying is monitoring language function during neurosurgical procedures. Unfortunately, there are currently no intraoperative language monitors. So procedures (like brain tumor resections) that risk damaging the language system we try to do with the patient awake and talking. While this allows us to grossly monitor language function, it is difficult to do comprehensive testing during a surgery, and the process is difficult for patients. We are developing methods that will allow us to monitor specific language systems by analyzing the dynamics of electrical signals in the brain. These methods will also work while the patient is asleep, improving the patient experience.