Members of the Wired Brains lab and our collaborators. In addition to the people listed below, we closely collaborate with the other members of the Language Imaging Lab at MCW.

  • William Gross, MD PhD

    William Gross, MD PhD

    Principal Investigator of the Wired Brains lab. Clinical neuroanesthesiologist who specializes in translating basic neuroscience to intraoperative applications, particularly focused on applications of electrophysiology.

  • Jed Mathis

    Jed Mathis

    Research technician in the Wired Brains and Language Imaging labs. Has extensive experience in running and analyzing of cognitive neuroscience experiments.

  • Mohammad Saber, PhD

    Mohammad Saber, PhD

    Saber is a Research Scientist, with extensive background in machine learning and coding. He assists with the analyses and development of applications.